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Are you planning a wedding? A corporate event? A county fair? A party that will knock the socks right off your neighbors' feet? You're lucky because we are a country band, and bare feet are ok with us!

Randy Atwood and The Renegades produce a non-stop dance and sing party. We love the high-energy country hits from the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond. But we wouldn't be a genuine country music band without a few soul-wrenching ballads, so grab your gal or beau and head to the dance floor for a bit of belly rubbing! (We are not responsible for any hook-ups or break-ups, although we will sing about it!)

Our band has the best equipment available, which translates to the highest quality sound. We even come with our very own sound engineer! While other bands are loud and harsh, Randy Atwood and The Renegades produce a sound quality that is balanced and full.

Are you ready to book us? Contact us today! Your sock-less neighbors will thank you!


Randy Atwood

Owner & Manager


Di Oesterle

Social Media & Admin Assistant

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